Fostering Synergies: Gujranwala Business Centre Delegation’s Strategic Engagement at Punjab University Campus Gujranwala

During the visit of a delegation from Gujranwala Business Centre to Punjab University Campus Gujranwala, led by Director GBC Mr. Usman Nawaz Bajwa, several key initiatives were discussed. They deliberated on the establishment of research desks aimed at facilitating collaborative research endeavours between the university and the business centre. Additionally, the delegation explored the structuring of internship programs to provide students with practical industry exposure and discussed the development of tailored training modules to address the specific needs of the Gujranwala industry.
One highlight of the discussions was the proposal put forth by the delegation to establish a Job Portal and CV bank. This initiative garnered praise for its potential to significantly enhance employment opportunities for Punjab University students, providing them with a platform to connect with potential employers. Overall, the visit emphasized the dedication of both the Gujranwala Business Centre and Punjab University Campus Gujranwala to strengthening the bond between academia and industry. These collaborative efforts aim to not only benefit students but also foster enduring partnerships that drive advancements within the local business community.

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